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Why is a Warranty Important with a Firearm?

Stag Arms WarrantyA warranty is a specific type of protection plan that is commonly offered either by a product manufacturer or retailer to cover certain unforeseen circumstances that may arise with the product in question.

In the case of a firearm, a warranty can be offered either by the company who made the product or by the retailer you bought it from.

While many people assume that a warranty of any type isn't really important, there are a number of situations where one will most certainly come in handy with regards to your firearm.


One of the biggest reasons why a warranty is important with a firearm has to do with certain types of damage that may unfortunately occur. Even though many firearms are made using strict quality control standards, there are still situations where one or more parts on the unit may fail through no fault of your own.

In the event that the aforementioned type of damage occurs, the financial burden of replacing the firearm with a working model shouldn't fall to the owner, but instead on the manufacturer which is why Stag Arms offers a lifetime warranty which is transferable with the rifle if you sell it to someone.

With the warranty protection, Stag Arms will either send you the replacement part if it's something that is easy to replace or pay shipping both ways for the rifle to come back to us to be repaired.

Design Flaws

Another reason why warranty registration is important is because of design flaws. If you spend hundreds of dollars on a firearm that doesn't work properly but still doesn't actually have any broken parts or other damage, you shouldn't have to pay out of pocket to make the necessary adjustments.

The original manufacturer should take care of those issues for you provided that your warranty coverage is still in effect. Here at Stag Arms, we have never had a recall at any point in our history.

Stag Warranty Chart

Key Takeaway

Because many people use firearms for the purpose of self-defense, warranties are always important to cover damage and other situations that may occur that you can't necessarily predict.

A warranty for a firearm is similar to any other type of product protection; there's a very high chance that you'll never need it at all and that nothing will go wrong with your product. That doesn't mean, however, that one isn't important. Especially when it comes to something as important as a firearm, it's significantly better to have a warranty and not need it than need a warranty and not have it.

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