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4 Tips for Proper Shooting Range Etiquette

Shooting Range EtiquetteWhen it comes to properly using your firearm, there are obviously a few key rules that must be followed at all times. The most important are to follow the NRA’s 3 main rules for gun safety, read and understand all the range specific rules, and always follow the instructions of the range officer. Along with safety, there is also proper etiquette that should be followed.

1. Bag Your Firearm

A shooting bag is designed for much more than looking good and hauling around a ton of accessories. This is particularly true when using a bag at the shooting range. Unless you plan on carrying your firearm to and from the range in a separate case or box, a shooting bag is the safest and most considerate way to get from the car to the shooting bench. Don’t take your firearm out of the bag until you get to your firing port, and put it back in before leaving the firing port.

2. Leave Some Space

If the range isn’t busy and there are many open shooting lanes when you arrive, leave at least one space between you and other shooters. This will help reduce the loud noises from someone shooting next to you and prevent spent cases from hitting you or anyone else when they are ejected from the firearm.

3. Ask Before Taking Brass

If you plan to take your brass back home with you from the range after you shoot it, make sure the range rules don’t prevent you from doing this. The range may take the brass and sell it for scrap or to a reloading company. This helps offset the cost of running the range. Also, don’t take other shooters' brass without asking, because they may want to keep it for themselves.

4. Clean Up After Yourself

When you’re done shooting for the day, make sure to leave the range cleaner than when you found it. Throw away all trash in the proper receptacles such as empty ammo boxes, used targets, etc. Sweep up all spent brass, and put it in the proper container. If need be, take the target stand down or bring the targets back to the office. What to do with the targets should be described in the range rules.

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