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Fixing Magazine Malfunctions

Posted by Stag Arms on Wed, Mar 23, 2016

A well-built AR-15 is one of the most reliable semi-auto firearms available. But sometimes even the best rifles may malfunction, and when they do, it is time to diagnose the cause of the malfunction.

One of the first components that should be investigated is the magazine.

Magazines get dirty. They vary in quality and dimension from manufacturer to manufacturer. Springs wear out and bodies get bent or broken. Magazines get dropped on the ground and stepped on. Most AR-15 malfunctions are related to lube, ammo, or magazines, or a combination.

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Tips, Tricks, & Suggestions for Shooting Tannerite with Your AR-15

Posted by Stag Arms on Wed, Mar 09, 2016

The first time your bullet makes contact with a pound of Tannerite, you might say “Holy cow this stuff is awesome?” The two components that make up Tannerite are: aluminum powder and ammonium nitrate. Both components are completely inert by themselves before mixed so it’s 100% safe to handle and legal to possess, as per the ATF. It is also safe to use because only a bullet, traveling at the minimum of 2100 FPS, can set it off.

Recently Tannerite has become more mainstream with the help of online videos depicting people using it. This has made Tannerite more readily available and can be purchased at most local gun shops, big box outdoor stores, or online.

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Magnification: Can You Have Too Much?

Posted by Stag Arms on Wed, Feb 24, 2016

Choosing a rifle scope is at least as important a decision as choosing a rifle. It is not unrealistic to pay as much or more for the scope as the cost of the rifle. So it is no surprise that you want to get all the possible features for your money.

But when it comes to optics, you can get too much of a good thing. Adjustments that are too fine, reticles that are too complex, and the most common mistake: too much magnification.

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Fast and Accurate: Red Dot Sight Techniques

Posted by Stag Arms on Wed, Dec 30, 2015

Red dot sights have revolutionized many types of shooting. Combining advantages of iron sights and rifle scopes, they also bring advantages that no previous sighting system has offered. Whether you are in combat, competition, or hunting dangerous game, red dot sights can allow you to use your skill to the greatest potential.

Unfortunately, most shooters are not using their red dot sights to the sight’s greatest potential.

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Why You Should Know the Difference Between Magazines & Clips

Posted by Stag Arms on Wed, Dec 16, 2015

Saying Clip Instead of Magazine

The confusion between a clip and a magazine is very common, and the terms are mutually exclusive. Most of the time this happens when people use the word clip when referring to a firearm magazine. You have to wonder if this happens because of movies and television shows where they depict firearms, terminology, and how firearms function incorrectly.

If we hear the same phrases over and over again from these forms of media, it starts to become part of our vocabulary and is defined according to the inaccurate information from these sources. For those of us who do know the difference when hearing clip used when someone should have said magazine, it can have an almost "nails on the chalkboard" effect.

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Stag Arms Now Offers Five Color Options For Their Rifles

Posted by Stag Arms on Thu, Sep 03, 2015

*This offer has since been discontinued.

Stag Arms is proud to announce that in addition to their standard mil-spec black anodize coating, select models of their AR-15 rifles can now be purchased with Cerakote finishes in the following colors; Burnished Bronze, Gun Metal Grey, Foliage Green, and Desert Tan. After exhaustive research with different types of coatings the Cerakote finish came out top in all tests. Stag Arms president Mark Malkowski stated “We have listened to our customer’s requests for rifles in various colors and I always want to ensure that any product Stag Arms offers is of the utmost quality and durability. It is what our customers expect and more importantly, what they deserve.”

The Cerakote finish is available as an upgrade on the models 1, 2, 2T, 3, 3T, 3TM, 5, 9, and 9T along with their left-hand counterparts. Created in 1984 as a durable ceramic coating for engine headers and exhaust components; Cerakote quickly became one of the toughest and longest lasting firearm finishes in the world boasting a resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and rust.

Stag Arms has long been known to bring great value to their customers while maintaining the highest standards, which is why the upgrade price for the Cerakote finish is $75.00 while other companies charge $135.00-$250.00. In addition, Stag Arms rifles will have more of the rifle’s exterior coated than many competitors’ rifles. The coating includes the handguard, delta ring, upper receiver, lower receiver, buffer tube, A2 grip, and mil-spec buttstock. Other grips and buttstocks offered will only be available in their original colors. The Cerakote coating upgrade must be purchased at the same time the order for the rifle is placed and cannot be applied after the rifle leaves the factory.

Stag Arms sales representatives can be contacted directly via phone at 860-229-9994 extension #1. If ordering online, simply choose the rifle finish upgrade option on the item page.

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Stag Arms Now Offers 300 Blackout AR-15 Rifles

Posted by Stag Arms on Thu, Aug 13, 2015

Stag Arms is proud to release its 16 inch AR-15 carbine rifles in the popular 300 AAC BLK / 7.62x35mm caliber. The company had researched and tested many different cartridges on the AR-15 platform before making a final decision. Stag Arms president Mark Malkowski stated “In addition to the upper halves we offer in this caliber we are now offering a complete AR-15 rifle using the 300 Blackout cartridges with heavier bullets, great ballistics, and already on the shelves of most major stores. By utilizing the same reliable AR-15 firearm platform customers can still use their standard accessories.”

The Model 1, 2, 2T, 3, 3T, & 3T-M series of rifles can now be purchased in the 300 Blackout caliber for an additional $50.00.  The barrels are 16” long and manufactured from 4140 steel with chrome lining on the inside to increase durability. The 1/7 twist rate is designed to work with all bullet weights in the caliber and the barrel thread for the muzzle device is 5/8x24.

The supersonic 300 AAC Blackout cartridge was designed to closely match the ballistics of 7.62x39 ammunition with a minimal number of non-interchange parts compared to a 5.56 NATO AR-15. To decrease the feeding issues that occurred with 7.62x39 ammunition on the AR-15 platform, the cartridge case was derived from the U.S. Military 5.56 NATO case and will work with standard AR-15 magazines while retaining their original ammunition capacity.

When ordering online, simply choose the caliber upgrade option on the item page.

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Stag Arms Appreciates Their Customers

Posted by Stag Arms on Thu, May 07, 2015

The following is an actual testimonial from a grateful Stag Arms owner.

Ordered my Stag AR in 2012 and my FFL and I did the paperwork while we watched the Newtown event unfold.

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3 Things You Should Know Before Buying an AR-15

Posted by Stag Arms on Fri, Apr 03, 2015

Firearms, like other tools, fulfill a specific application for the user. If you wanted to nail deck boards down, you’d pull out your nail gun. If you are looking to go hunting, target shooting or home defense, you would choose an AR-15. The AR-15 serves many purposes, it is extremely customizable and can be a showpiece of individuality along with being a hard-working firearm.

Every collector needs a signature AR-15 set up to their specifications, and anyone looking for a versatile firearm should consider a Stag Arms rifle.

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The Evolution of Major Firearm Actions

Posted by Stag Arms on Wed, Jan 14, 2015

For some, it is hard to believe that firearms have actually been around for almost 1000 years. The earliest reports of firearms date back to the 13th century and gained prominence over the next few centuries.

Of course, those primitive firearms, while revolutionary in their time, pale in comparison to the innovations in firearm technology that would follow.

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